A great Sports Watch to buy

I had already spotted the G-Shock GA100-1A1 for some time, and a sudden price drop convinced me to take action (got it from Amazon). It is a great watch, but because it is black and matte, it’s not too bling-bling! At the technology level nothing special, it does what it announces, which is already not bad. It was designed – according to what I could learn – for the army, so it is ‘low visibility’, so do not be surprised by the lack of visibility at night! In summary, if you like large watches somewhat “manly” but still rather discrete (which was what I was looking for), this one is perfect.

At the pool or at work, I wear it all the time now! Even in the evening, it gives the most beautiful effect! No matter my activities, either professional or personal, sports outing or relaxing at the swimming pool, it fits in perfectly! I have no fear see it take on water, since resistance to pressure and shock is the feature that I’ve primarily looked for.

It’s got the perfect, beautiful design, entirely black with analog and digital time – I could not ask for better. This watch is really great, it really meets all my expectations. It is a watch that I recommend to all those who love the G shock watches. For a good review of the best G-shock tactical watches, head on to http://rangermade.us/best-tactical-watch/

In this watch, ruggedness meets class without the bling. At work, it gets noticed. This black screen with brushed aluminum hands can’t leave people indifferent. And the readability is faultless.

In the beginning, this watch was solely destined to accompany me on sports activities, but ended up replacing all my other watches. I wear it 24 hrs a day.

Some slight disadvantages I could find (show me a thing that doesn’t have them):
– A little too big, not easy to wear with long tight sleeves. I would like to contrast the watch with a casual shirt, but that’s no biggie.
– Not that light in the dark (I would have preferred a backlight of the digital part). That’s however a planned design, since this watch is made for the army, and you don’t want to have a very bright watch when you’re around the enemy.

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