The different types of watches


Giving in to a hobby of mine, which is watch history, let me briefly introduce you to the world of watches. A lot of types of watches exist. It is impossible to name them all here. Regardless, here are a few:

-Diver’s Watch: A dive watch should have a stand-alone time measurement movement, should be luminescent, have a bracelet with an extension for the wetsuit, have a unidirectional adjustable diving bezel and be sealed for at least 100 M depth. Here’s a good reference for the top diving watches or the best dive watches under $500:

-Mono-hand Watch: It is a watch with a single hand

-Toolwatch: It is a watch that can take everything you throw at it. Whether it’s water, mud, dust, shocks, G-forces … etc. In this category we can include the tactical watches from the world-famous G-Shock line (check this resource for the top G-Shock watches), or aviation/pilot watches (read on here for some good pilot watches)

-GMT Watch: watches that bear the sign GMT. This abbreviation means Greenwich Mean Time. A GMT is a watch equipped with a movement capable to indicate a second time zone on its dial.

-Regulator Watch: A regulator is a watch with hours, minutes and seconds on separate dials.

-Alarm Watch: this is a watch equipped with an additional mechanism to ring automatically at the desired time.

-Mechanical automatic: an automatic winding watch is a mechanical watch whose rewinding is done through a mechanism that allows you to rearm the spring in the port of the watch.

-Mechanical watch with manual winding: A manually winded watch is a watch whose winding is done manually.

-Pocket Watch: the first watch ever invented was the Pocket Watch. It appeared in the 16th century. The Pocket Watch is actually a jacket or trouser pocket watch, suspended from a chain or Ribbon.

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