What doctors will never tell you. The cause of most all diseases!

LIver cleanse method with olive oil and lemon juiceHere’s the story of a young man from Romania who tells the story about how he got rid of gall stones, not just the ones visible with ultrasound in his gall bladder, but also many more from his liver. As it turns out, this is a condition that affects all of us. The reference to the ‘Formula AS’ magazine mentioned in the article may be of little use to the English-speaking reader, but the Andreas Moritz book is a great resource and actually available in pdf format if you search for it.

Here’s the story.

First, I will tell you how I came to discover what no doctor will ever tell you. During a medical check required by the company I work for every year, a doctor recommended me to have an abdominal ultrasound scan done. I decided to get it done the same day, as there was no harm in it. They had taken me blood and I was famished anyway. Only, I was totally taken by surprise when the doctor told me I had the stones.
-I Beg Your Pardon?
-Yes, two 13mm stones in your gallbladder. He also told me sort of amused that I needed to have surgery and have my bladder removed.
You might imagine, from the bored young man that I was, whining because I had to give my time and blood for the company, all of a sudden my boredom was removed and I became a very vivacious young man. I was really taken by surprise.
-Why? Me? Surgery? But I’m a healthy dude…
Once the initial shock was gone, after I consulted all the physicians that I could find, and after I took three more ultrasound tests, I finally accepted the situation.
Was I going to have surgery? No way! I started looking on the internet for alternative methods for the removal of bladder stones. “I will drink every distasteful potion I can find, but will never have surgery,” I vowed to myself.

I searched for a week through the website of the magazine that all housewives in Romania read, I mean ‘Formula As’ (formula-as.ro). Eventually I found a natural method by Valeriu Popa in the number 379 of the magazine. Oh, how long it took me to find! Everyone was thanking on that page for getting rid of the stones without surgery, but no one was sharing the recipe. Eventually I found it. In short, one had to drink oil with lemon juice and apply warmth to the bladder area. The cure sounded alright to me, but I still kept looking. I found that in ancient Greece they cured stones with olive oil and lemon juice. The Greeks were eliminating some green stones and also cured other diseases in the process. I scoured the entire Internet, the whole of Youtube. I saw many outrageous things, from recordings of laparoscopic surgery, to guys filmed by their wives while they were keeping diets and cures, to experts in gall stones.

Eventually, on Youtube I came across an interview in English with a guy, an American, who had a show on TV about 15 years ago. What I liked about him, was that he looked serious and with common sense. I mean, the man just seemed very well documented. At the same time he showed slideshows and he seemed logical in everything that he said. I learned a lot of new information about the liver and gall bladder. He said the stones actually are in the liver, are invisible to ultrasound scans, and then they fall into the bladder. He said that we have thousands of such stones in our liver and that these become a bottleneck and the source of all disease, because the liver can no longer remove toxins, which are stored in other organs. The guy seemed very well documented. Anyway, what was of interest to me, was that he seemed to know how to pull the stones out of the gall bladder painlessly, and had experimented the method on many people and even wrote a book. So I searched for the book, I read it and I realized that it’s the same cure that I had seen in Romania, on the ‘Formula As’ site, but the guy was also using a substance that dilates the channels, so that the stones go out easily. The substance was bitter-salt, or magnesium sulphate.

Then followed weeks of research, plans for emergency surgery in case something went wrong, etc. I tried to discuss with doctors, but all were categorical – nothing but surgery. When I said that I had seen something on the Internet, they got angry at me. They scared me away and warned not to try a cure like that, because a lot of terrible things could happen to me (from getting yellow jaundice, to emergency surgery with 10 centimeter incisions, and more). The conclusion was, if something went wrong, I had up to 3 days and then I was bound to have surgery.

Well, I thought, I had to eventually have surgery anyway. So, I crossed myself and prayed to God, fasted for one day, then drank that bitter salt and oil. After I drank the oil I did not feel too good. I had no pain, but it was a bad feeling, nausea from the oil. That lasted until I eliminated all the stones. After that I felt like a new-born baby. I had so much energy, I felt I could fly. I thought, that was a sign I had eliminated the bad from inside me. I mentioned already that I had two stones of 13 millimeters. Well, to my surprise, I eliminated not two, nor three, but some 50 greenish stones with sizes between 13 and 15 millimeters and another couple hundred tinier ones.

Of course, the next day I had an ultrasound scan, to see if there was any stone blocked somewhere. Everything was in order, only the liver had shrunk in size by some 3 centimeters. The next day, I started feeling even better, and be much livelier, to think much more clearly, and have more energy overall.

So, I tested and proved it on myself that we actually have the liver clogged with a bunch of cholesterol stones and we function at half capacity all the time. In the next article I will give more information about the liver, and then the cure. I am posting it up on the Internet, so it can be found by anyone who needs it.

For more information: Formula AS No. 379 or the book “The Amazing Liver Cleanse”-author Andreas Moritz.

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